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Contact: swimiq.contact@gmail.com

Lesson Venue: Rutherford College 18-20 Kotuku Street, Te Atatu, Auckland 0610

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Lessons run between 10am and 12pm at Rutherford College on Saturdays and Sundays and are broken up by ability. Please note group lessons are only available to children aged 6 -15 years. Private lessons are available to swimmers 6 and over including adults - any ability, including elite level.

See descriptions of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels below.

Please note Rutherford College pool is outdoor and unheated (currently approximately 25 degrees).  

Book a beginner class if your child is new to lessons but has some swimming experience (is already confidently submerging).  

Lessons focus on floating (front and back), body position in the water, gliding, kicking, breath control and independent movement in the water.


Book an intermediate class if your child can swim a few freestyle strokes and hasn’t yet learned breathing but is comfortable kicking on their front and back unassisted. Lessons focus on freestyle breathing, underwater kicking and beginning of dives (squat dives).


Book an advanced class if your child can complete numerous freestyle breathing cycles and can swim some unassisted backstroke. Lessons focus on increasing distance capability in freestyle and backstroke, freestyle and butterfly underwater kicking as well as more advanced dive mechanics. 

Private individual – one on one 30 minute lessons help swimmers make dramatic improvements quickly. A series of private lessons before joining regular group lessons can help progression. All levels, beginner through to elite are welcome and both children and adults are welcome to book these lessons. Private lessons run from 11:30 - 12:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. 


We will constantly asses your child’s ability and will suggest moving them to a different level to benefit their development where appropriate.

Please read SwimIQ booking policies prior to booking. Paying for a booking confirms your acknowledgement of these policies.

Booking Policy - Group Lessons
One make-up lesson is permitted for every eight lessons booked and paid for. 
Refunds will not be provided if you are unable to attend a confirmed lesson. 
Please notify swimiq.contact@gmail.com if you require a make-up lesson. If you require more information around make-up lessons please contact swimiq.contact@gmail.com. 

Booking Policy - Private lessons
Private lesson fees will be refunded if cancellation occurs via email to swimiq.contact@gmail.com at least 36 hours prior to lesson start time. No refunds will be provided if less than 36 hours notice of cancellation is given.